About Us

About Our Company

Discount Appliance Repair has provided major appliance repair in the San Francisco Bay Area since September of 2011. Originally operating under the name “Ecco Appliance Repair”, we changed our name to “Discount Appliance Repair” in 2016 to better reflect our mission of providing convenient and affordable appliance repair services. We achieve this in several ways:

  1. Low overhead: we don’t have a central office location because all of our repairs are completed on-premises. And we don’t have a sales / marketing guy on-staff working to figure out how to sell you service at the highest rate possible.
  2. No middle-men: our company’s staff consists of appliance repair technicians. Not only does this save us (and you) money, it ensures that each of our employees can provide you with affordable appliance repair.
  3. Locally owned: we’re a local business, based in Fairfield, CA — serving the surrounding area as well as the Walnut Creek area. We stay local to save time and gas money and to ensure that our resources are not spread too thin.

At the end of the day our goal is modest but purposeful: to provide honest, convenient, and affordable appliance repair services to residents of the San Francisco Bay Area. We want to save our customers the headache of dealing with fly-by-night appliance repair technicians and the huge appliance repair marketing machines where your price is inflated 200% and you have to navigate a ten-level phone customer service tree in order to speak to the technician responsible for repairing your appliance.