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Homeowners (at least me) are constantly dealing with home repair people that try to overcharge you or replace something that doesn’t need replacing. For me it’s the bane of home ownership. Here is what you need to know about Discount Appliance Repair: They are NOT like that. You can trust them. They are honest and highly competent.

Our Jennair fridge broke down and Jennair sent us to their authorized service company. We were very unhappy with these people and came to Discount Appliance Repair for a second opinion. Thank God we did! Unlike the Jennair authorized repair people, discount appliance repair was down to earth and pleasant to deal with, honest and highly competent. They accurately diagnosed the problem and quickly fixed our refrigerator. I HIGHLY recommend them.

— George T | Vallejo
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OH MY GOODNESS. I can’t rave enough about the service from this place. We have had our dryer down for THREE MONTHS! THREE WHOLE MONTHS because Sears and A&E Service chose to never repair it due to “difficulty and time”. We were told by the previous companies it was a two man project and needed a multitude of parts. We had a number of no call no shows from them, misdiagnosis, wrong part order, over-payment, rude customer service and I could go on about the irresponsibilities of these places.

Then came Thomas from Discount Repair. He arrived on time (early actually) and super professional. Was nice, listened to our situation and took on the job. I was nervous and asked where the second technician was (given the fact that was our last issue with other places). He ensured he could complete this job on his own.

Sure enough he did just that in such a shocking short amount of time. It was amazing! He showed us exactly what the issue was and the mishaps of previous work. He was super informative and I can’t emphasize enough on the discount part. Best service I’ve had from all other places and the cheapest! It truly doesn’t get much better than this company. I will always call them for any appliance repair in the future!

— Simmy A | Martinez
Review Source: Yelp

Holy cow Thomas is an Angel sent from the heavens. I could not solve a really annoying problem with my Wolf igniter switch which caused it to constantly click on all the burners. With a dinner party looming this could not be the state of my kitchen! The internet which was no help had sent me down a rabbit hole from which I feared I would never return. I had tried all the tricks online.

Desperate I called Thomas off a paid google ad that I saw. He arrived in under an hour!!! He performed a service on my stove and that fixed the issue right away. I can’t tell you how thankful I am to have found such a knowledgeable Appliance repair expert!

I will use him and refer all my friends to him going forward.

— Amy S | Napa
Review Source: Yelp

Thomas of Discount Appliance Repair was a true professional when he did my gas stove burners not igniting problem as well as fixing the light for the kitchen range hood. He was on time and corrected the burner ignition problem within 15 min of his service call. He ordered a new burner knob, a new light switch for the hood & a new hood filter for me. He came back the following day with the parts and installed them for me. He charged me for a reasonably priced service call and costs of the parts even though he came twice for the needed repairs. He is very efficient and customer oriented. I will hire him again for my future appliance repair needs.

— V H | Vacaville
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I called Discount Appliance Repair yesterday for my washer repair. Technician Thomas asked few questions over the phone and was able to identify the problem. He made an appointment the following day in the morning. Came in on time, even had part with him. He was able to repair my washer within 20 minutes. Now it works like brand new. I am very happy with the service and definitely will call again for any future repairs. Highly recommend! Thanks again

— Diana L | Fairfield
Review Source: Google

I called Discount Appliance after having a horrible experience with Geek Squad and Sears Appliance Repair. I called Discount Appliance and Thomas was at my house the next day. Getting someone out that quick was refreshing as Geek Squad and Sears take between a week or two to come out for a service appointment. Thomas was very professional. He diagnosed the problem with my oven/microwave. He made the repair for a fair price. Discount Appliance will be my go to from now on for appliance repair.

— Irene D | Fairfield
Review Source: Yelp

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